Famous for its far-flung regions and stark, unruffled beauty, Tibet is home to spectacular trans-Himalayan scenery, Buddhist shrines and sanctuaries, and enthralling customs and cultures. This is a mystical land where early traditions have continuously endured to this day, where its vast, arid terrain may sometimes be challenging but is always rewarding. Tibet tour is for those who seek a taste of ‘Shangri-La’. It is a land blessed with dazzling reminders of its glorious spiritual heyday when only a select few outsiders could venture into this land.

Tibet is also a haven for religious travelers. From seekers of spirituality, and traditional mantra-muttering pilgrims, to prostrating followers around Mt Kailash – Tibet offers an essential part of any spiritual experience. Tibet is an intriguing blend of spirituality and tradition, as well as spectacular scenery ranging from towering mountains to unending plains. Tibet’s towns and cities have an otherworldly charm, packed with temples like Jokhang, occupied with devotees and the aroma of juniper incense. There are imposing monasteries, palaces, and forts perched atop high hills dominating the skyline.

Known as the 'Roof of the World', the Tibetan Plateau is one of the most isolated regions on the planet. It is geographically secluded by the world’s highest mountain ranges – the Himalayas to the south, the Karakoram to the west, and the Kunlun Shan and Altun Shan in the north. With its vast expanses of steppes, desert, and mountains, Tibet encompasses some of the most untouched wilderness on earth. Tibet tour serves as an exotic gateway and is a perfect primer for any Himalayan adventure.

Landscapes, monuments, history, and spirituality provide the main focus for visitors here. There are beautiful hilltop shrines, palaces like Potala, and ornate monasteries like Ganden and Samye, where you’ll have a rare opportunity to visit Tibet’s spiritual fervor. Across its endless stretch, there are beautiful hidden lakes and mystical valleys. This thrilling scenery and Tibet’s religious architecture and the spirituality it commands alone would be reasons enough to make a tour. But the land also preserves a unique nomadic culture, a traditional group of people who dedicate their lives to traditions, customs, rituals, and spirituality. These add more to the flavor that Tibet exudes