Nepal offers every kind of holiday that you can imagine. It is meant for adventure, spirituality, leisure, cultural encounters, traditional discoveries, and so much more. As a tourist destination, Nepal has all the right features for an exciting tour. From incredible indigenous cultures to arguably the most beautiful sights in the world, there is so much to discover for the interested traveler. Enjoy beautiful mountains, lush forests, historical palaces, opulent temples and monasteries, remote mountain trails, enigmatic traditions, and a spectacular array of wildlife.

There are two main facets of Nepal- the domineering Himalayan mountain range to the north and the vast forested jungles in the south. The variety of sights and activities in Nepal is simply stunning, along with an unbelievable diversity of wildlife, mountains, rivers, jungles, and hills, and incredible cultures, traditions, and history.

Even more alluring are the delicious cuisines and folk cultures of Nepal. There is nothing quite as exciting as enjoying exotic local food and traditional dance and music to accompany you. Apart from the appeal of Nepal’s exotic cities and quaint towns, this Himalayan country is renowned for its overwhelming scenery and challenging trekking trails. These trails often pass along the impenetrable mountain passes, through the awe-inspiring scenery at well-preserved alpine national parks, and provide personal encounters with the fascinating mountain cultures of the Himalayas.

Whether it is a classic jungle safari in Chitwan, bird watching in Bardia National Park, white water rafting in Trishuli or BhoteKoshi, or more rustic off-the-beaten trekking in Everest or Annapurna, we have a wide range of travel options and destinations. Beyond the wilderness of the mountains and the mystery of the jungles, it is hard to beat Nepal's unspoiled wide-open spaces. For the true adventurer or traveler, Nepal offers everything. For the seeker of spirituality too, Nepal offers a fascinating mix of ancient religion and traditions, incredible temples and monasteries dedicated to the divine. For the curious culture enthusiast Nepal also shelters incredibly diverse religious, tribal customs and festivals.