It is believed that a circle across Bhutan is the greatest blessing to a wandering soul. In Bhutan, as Buddhist Prayer Flags flutter in the wind, the chants supposedly send a positive message to the universe as it circles back to you in multitudes. Most Bhutan tours circle a delightful experience of the cultures and traditions of Bhutan’s essentially untainted sacred philosophy. To top it off, Bhutan brims with lush landscapes, exotic architecture, and incredible history – all bordered by the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.

You get a whiff of instant Bhutanese serenity as you land on its second important city, Paro, hailed as the country’s cultural heart – a breathtakingly green oasis filled with old-world architecture sprawling around a beautiful river. Travelers must reach the enchanting capital city of Thimphu, which, despite being modern, remains a fabled settlement with beautiful buildings, people, and historical and religious monuments. Different regions of Bhutan, like Punakha, Bumthang, Phobjikha, and Haa valleys, with their innate beauty and fascinating cultural legacy, are celebrated in myth and in modern sagas.

We’ve polished our edition of all fascinating Bhutan trips to comprehensive excellence, with perfectly planned timings and destinations bringing you to the beautiful cultural wonders and landscapes, which create a perfect balance of curiosity and leisure. You can stroll along exotic towns whose grand, decorated buildings and religious monuments gaze across a hill engulfed by beautiful pristine forests.

You can see remote monasteries and temples, bordered by ancient fortresses, and the farms stretching outside sleepy villages that seem uninhabited at a glance. Each day of a Bhutan trip is filled with glorious scenery, with overnights in tranquil hotels, all topped by the region’s exotic cuisine. Shadowed beneath beautiful mountains like Jhomolhari and Jichu Drake and the rolling hills, interrupted by countless trees and empty river valleys, Bhutan is inspiring and endlessly photogenic.