As one of the best-kept secrets of the sub-continent, the Indian Himalayas can boast such a comprehensive range of sights and lures that travelers curious enough to reach this part of the world are treated to a treasure trove of history, culture, and stupefying landscapes. India is a land that will stimulate all the senses- its order and chaos, the music of its diverse languages and spices in its bazaars. The fog on its hill stations and the gleaming moonlight from its plains add more mystery to this already enigmatic nation.

From the wild, dream-like spaces of Leh and Ladakh to the winding roads that lead to Sikkim and Darjeeling, the Indian terrain spans everything from plains, farms, plantations, and sweltering jungles, to some of the most remote and highest regions on earth. This is a captivating, enthralling, and ancient country with vibrant cultures, customs, people, cuisines, and faiths. Despite being the most diverse country in the world –culturally and geographically, India always seems united.

While most people believe that India is a hot and humid country, it is geographically varied, with the cold Himalayan Mountains to the north and the warm coastal regions to the south. From the sandy haze of the Thar Desert in the west to the snow-covered Himalayan Mountains in the north, and from the lush, fertile river plains to the stunning shores in the south – India has it all. The exact scale of India is astounding. It has some of the most beautiful and impressive sights in the world.

Few settings on earth can rival the splendor of the Indian Himalayas, where surreal, pine and juniper-encrusted lands stretch out beneath the mountains. Ladakh is an isolated and fantastic travel destination with beautiful valleys and mountains, meandering empty roads adorned with vibrant cultural lifestyle. Then there are Sikkim and Darjeeling, dotted with beautiful tea gardens and forests, sitting on the shadow of the mighty Mt. Kanchanjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world. Home to some of the most pristine landscapes in India, the Indian Himalayan region is amongst the most beautiful in the entire sub-continent.